Forge Coal Burner

Central Boiler has a BRAND NEW burner - the Forge Coal Burner. You can learn more about it here. 

Kevin Deane

I'M AN IDEAPRENEUR. I WORK AT THE INTERSECTION OF STRATEGY AND CREATIVE. I have a passion and enthusiasm for marketing, branding and idea creation from a business development perspective. Specifically, understanding how communication can be integrated into and support overall corporate development and profitability. I’m intrigued by the customer discovery process— how we connect with each other and how effective experiences can improve brand equity. My energy comes from understanding what makes people tick— then bringing creative ideation and thinking to organizational context. I’m an inquisitive thinker. I like asking questions and distilling information to help navigate change and facilitate effective decision making. What makes you tick? Feel free to reach out. I would be thrilled to connect, hear your story, learn from your experiences and answer any questions you may have.